Laser therapy

Laser light stimulates the human organism on several levels. The laser beam penetrates the hypodermic layers and acts as a beneficial bio-stimulation for the metabolism in the connective tissue. This promotes cell regeneration, stimulates the immune system, forces cell division and activates certain defence molecules. Laser light therefore has a number of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and stimulates blood circulation.

I only use so-called “soft laser light” in my laser therapy. This technique works with less energy and is quite different from laser devices used in surgery or ophthalmology. Soft lasers merely stimulate the radiated tissue but do not injure it. Due to the fact that it “merely” involves light beams, the laser therapy is very gentle and completely pain-free.

I apply laser therapy predominantly in the area of sports and pain medicine, for example in follow-up treatment of fractures, inflammation of the tendons, tennis arm or lumbago, as well as in the case of joint deterioration or special pain therapy. Combined with acupuncture, this gentle therapy can also be used with migraines and headaches, circulatory disorders as well as numerous other ailments.