Magnetic field therapy

The Chinese treated the sick with magnets more than 2000 years ago and the ancient Egyptians who wore magnetic jewellery were also aware of their healing powers. Aristotle later described the curative property of magnetic stones and we are still using these healing powers to treat diseases today. Magnetic field therapy relies on the fact that the human body contains ions – electrically charged particles – and that they can be influenced by the generation of a magnetic field outside the body.

Electrically operated or induced magnets or magnetic aids (e.g. a mat or a coil) stimulate the body’s cell functions, making them work better. This effect influences the entire human organism: it stimulates the metabolism and triggers or boosts regenerative processes. Magnetic field therapy is used particularly to treat rheumatic complaints like deterioration of the locomotor system, complaints of the joints, and diseases of soft tissue and bone.

Before the therapy is given, the required strength and intensity of the magnetic field is determined according to the needs of the patient. Magnetic fields then stimulate the location of the pain to initiate and support the healing process. Each treatment lasts about 15 minutes, normally for 10 to 15 sessions.