Welcome to our medical practice specialising in orthopaedics, pain therapy and rheumatology

I have been providing medical services from my surgery since the summer of 2007, specialising in orthopaedics, pain therapy and rheumatology.

Here you will receive fast and high-quality medical care, which requires taking enough time for each patient. This is the only way to establish trust, which I believe is the only possible basis of a good long term physician-patient relationship.

My principal aims are to reduce any functional restriction and alleviate your pain, which is why I have a number of additional qualifications, notably in pain therapy and traditional Chinese medicine (particularly acupuncture).

The factor that most effectively contributes to the success of any therapy is an accurate and goal-oriented diagnosis. Because each patient presents a distinct clinical picture, I apply specialised and contemporary diagnostic methods (imaging for example), as well as undertaking a thorough physical examination.

My medical network also ensures optimum health care beyond the specific services that I am able to provide. If invasive therapy becomes necessary (for example surgery in the locomotor system) I cooperate closely with a number of highly qualified and experienced colleagues to ensure end-to end medical care.

I very much look forward to using my diagnostic and therapeutic skills to help you.

Dr. Christoph Mick, M.A.