Sports medicine

Many people do sports because it’s fun; others because it’s healthy. Often, they also use sport for therapy purposes, because sports and training improve the body’s resilience and performance.

Sports medicine deals with the influence of motion, training and sports on our health as well as with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and damage. This includes structural tissue damage as a consequence of acute injuries (torn muscles and ligaments, pulled muscles, injury to the tendons, etc.), chronic excess strain, physiological wear and systemic diseases. Other sports injuries can result from external factors like wrong training, unsuitable sports equipment or false posture.

I can offer amateur and professional athletes more than merely treating their chronic complaints (like a tennis arm), or acute complaints, (like a torn ligament) because I also provide aftercare for serious injuries (like a rupture to the Achilles tendon). I provide completely individual advice and care to new and experienced sportsmen and women, and also perform extensive medical examinations to assess suitability..