hirotherapy, also known as “manual medicine” (from the Latin “manus” for “hand”), is a medical discipline concerned with the restoration of joint mobility. The shape and composition of the joints may remain intact in most cases, but their function could be diminished. For example, with a limited shoulder radius, the arm can only be rotated up to a certain point.

The fundamental assumption of chirotherapy is that numerous physical complaints can be attributed to the malpositioning or blocking of joints which require remedy if the complaint is to be treated properly. This especially applies to the spine and frequently associated back pain. Symptoms for such joint dysfunctions may have been present for a very long time, even since childhood, without anyone knowing the origin. Very often only a chirotherapeutic examination can provide an explanation.

Among the typical complaints that I treat are pains in the back and neck, the head, the loin region, the chest, shoulders and knees, as well as tennis elbow, tinnitus, vertigo and sensations of discomfort in the arms or legs. I use specific gripping techniques to restore the play of the joints: first the neighbouring joints are fixated, then I perform a brief and gentle-abrupt movement that stimulates the disturbed joints and the nerve endings. Sometimes there are cracking sounds, but the pain subsides and the joint can be moved to its full extent again.

The title “chirotherapist” in Germany can only be used by those who have passed appropriate exams and is an advanced qualification, thus assuring the correct application of chirotherapy techniques.