Hydro-massage therapy

Circulating jets of water rotate under a flexible latex mat to create a powerful massage effect. The muscles loosen up, tissue becomes tauter, and the metabolism in the body is stimulated. Muscle tension and cramps also subside with this warming massage.

Hydro-massage therapy combines elements of wellness medicine with pain therapy. The method is most promising with back pain, stiffness of the neck, signs of fatigue, excess strain, stress, cramps and muscle tension. It also makes sense to use hydro-massage to make tissue taut, e.g. after pregnancy or substantial weight loss.

What happens here? Protected by a latex mat and lightly clothed, you lie on the water that then warmly wraps around your body. The circulating water jets pulsate against the bottom of the latex mat (and thus against you), massaging you from head to toe. The strength of the massage can be adjusted easily ranging from gentle to a powerful kneading.

A hydro-massage takes about 15 minutes and should be performed two to three times a week.