Special pain therapy

What is chronic pain?

Acute pain is vital and very useful. It warns us of dangerous situations, for example when touching a hot stove. Acute pain, e.g., stomach pain, usually subsides quickly and has a precise physical cause, which is why it can be remedied with very specific measures (e.g. appendix surgery). Pain that persists for more than six months is called chronic pain. This pain is regarded as an independent disorder for which precise causes can no longer be identified in the body. This pain no longer has its (originally useful) warning function but impairs the life of those afflicted, often substantially. Chronic complaints include headaches and migraines, facial pain, pain in the locomotor system and neuralgic pain.

How does the therapy work?

I can perform different diagnostic and therapeutic measures in my surgery to treat chronic pain. Besides treatment with medicine (i.e., pain reducing and/or alleviating medication), I also provide a number of therapies like chirotherapy, hydro-massage therapy, ultrasound and/or electrotherapy and acupuncture. Involving you closely in the process, I will develop a therapy plan designed to meet your individual requirements, which will be regularly checked and adapted as the therapy progresses.