Radiological image converter

A radiological image converter works with X-rays, just like a normal X-ray machine does, but unlike a standard X-ray machine, it is combined with state-of-the-art computer technology, which provides the physician with completely new diagnosis capabilities (for example being able to evaluate an X-ray in real time). The image converter is also incredibly useful when it comes to performing minimally invasive surgery. I can for example insert a syringe into the spine area far more accurately with the live feedback the converter provides. The normal external view is supplemented by being able to look inside the body, enabling the physician to respond to the condition as it currently obtains. The benefit of direct visual control is obvious – it helps reduce the risks associated with injections close to the spine to a minimum.

Because the image converter is equipped with a mobile X-ray camera it can take snapshots and then display them on a PC monitor.